Welcome to Shobhana Beauty Studio at San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton and Blackhawk to enjoy our Red Wine Hair Spa Treatment!

Frizzy, dry, damaged, lacking sheen, do all these drastic words describe how your hair looks and feels? Do environmental factors and pollution leave your hair dull and dry? If yes, bless your precious tresses with the goodness of our Red Wine Hair Spa Treatment. Our Red Wine Spa will reinforce and moisturize the inner structure of fragile& dehydrated hair strands.

WhyRed Wine Hair Spa?

Hair retexturing treatments like re-bonding, smoothening,straightening etc. of course do wonders with the look of hair but they also play with the hair bonds making them dull and dry. While hair colouringand conditioning ups your style quotient but repeated use of them can make your hair look and feel dehydrated. The only way that can up your style quotient without losing the natural sheen of hair is the hair spa and when the hair spa treatment is combined with the wonders of red wine, its benefits just go beyond the expectation. Red wine hair spa is actually a proven and pleasing way to restore the moisture balance of the hair and keep them healthy.It is quick hair nourishment at its best, leaving the hair smooth, shiny and manageable.

5 Benefits of Red Wine for Gorgeous Hair –

  1. Good bye itchy scalp
  2. Improve hair growth
  3. Refine hair strength
  4. Prevent hair loss
  5. Fight against dandruff

Red wine is actually a solution to all the hair care problems!!

Why Shobhana Beauty Studio?

We at Shobhana Beauty Studio offer Red Wine hair Spa, which no doubt is the most sought after hair care service all across San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton and Blackhawk. This popular hair spa service not only gives the good texture to the hair but also it is a cost effective way to ensure the healthy hair strands. The goodness of red wine hair spa coupled with a relaxing head massage given by our hair care experts will sure make your hair spa experience worth a comeback.

Think no more, Shobhana Beauty Studio brings you your favourite hair spa service at a very pleasing price. Clean towels, original products, trained service staff,polite behavior, relaxing environment and a lot more. Within our serene atmosphere, you can unwind your body, ease your mind and soothe your soul.So, if you have not been here before, why not visit us today!

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