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Helping hands

Helping hands

Have you got your finger on the pulse when it comes to caring for your hands?

What with the pandemic and all this sanitizing and washing we’re having a hands-on moment, says Shobhana.

Hands are often neglected when it comes to caring for our skin, but a little TLC can go a long way – especially when it comes to preventing and improving the signs of aging.

So don’t despair. Read on

Spotting the (hand) signs

“You might notice that your nails are becoming more brittle, your hands look a little bonier and the skin is becoming drier. But it’s those dreaded ‘age spots’ that can be most irritating,” explains [add therapist’s name].

“Age spots (also called ‘liver spots’ – although they are not related to the liver in any way) are caused by too much exposure to the sun” says Shobhana “and people of any age can get them?”

It’s not too late…

It goes without saying that you should always protect your hands, along with the rest of your skin, from too much sun – either by covering up or using a high-factor sunscreen (ask us for advice on which products are best).

And don’t forget says Shobhana – damaging UVA rays can come through window glass. So, apply an SPF on your hands even when you’re working at home or in the office by a window.

We offer a range of specialist anit-aging and sun protection products to keep your hands in tip-top condition and help reverse the effects of aging. These include, for example, lotions containing retinol or retinoid acid which are best applied before bedtime to give them plenty of time to work.

Following paragraphs if you offer laser treatment and/or peels for age spots

We also Peels treatment for age spots which can work well within a few weeks and produces longer-lasting results. Call us today for a consultation if the age spots on your hands are bothering you and find out more.

Chemical peels are not just for your face. They are another option to literally peel away the years. A peel can reduce the appearance of age spots and smooth out wrinkles and rough skin.

We always put your health first…

Here at [add name of your salon or clinic] we always put our clients’ health and safety first.

Before starting any treatment on age spots, we will always check to see if you should seek medical advice. For example, you should always see your GP first if you have rough patches or a brown spot that’s growing rapidly or has any lumps or black spots in it.

Desperately dry hands

Covid has meant that we have been relentlessly washing and sanitizing our hands for almost two years now. If your hands are looking and feeling desperately dry it’s more important than ever to use a good hand and nail moisturizer regularly throughout the day (ask about our handbag sizes).

Exfoliate to get rid of dry skin on your hands recommends Shobhana – but always moisturize afterwards. Moisturizing products rehydrate the skin and also rebuild the skin’s vital barrier of protective oils which can get broken down by endless washing and sanitizing.

“My current hand hero is the Product which helps rebuild the damaged skin barrier, softens flaky skin and injects hydration back into my hands,” says Shobhana. “And don’t forget to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated.”

Use mild or soap-free products to wash your hands and always wear gloves when cleaning and gardening. Some cleaning products can be very harsh on the skin.

Book a consultation

Why not book a complimentary consultation with one of our skincare experts to find out more about how to care for your hands and your skin and reverse some of the signs of aging? Call 925-236-2680 or book online.

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