How to Choose the Right Hair Salon to Cut, Color & Style Your Hair?

I am a girl who can’t just trust on anyone when it comes to style my hair! I am sure, you would also be like me! Right girls? Having your hair cut or colored is a very tricky task. You need to have full faith in your hairdresser that he/she will deliver exactly what you are dreaming to get. Therefore, you can’t rely on just anyone you come across the first. After all, it is the matter of your individuality’s crown.

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Keeping this crucial consideration in mind, here I have listed some advice which will go a long way in picking out the best hair salon out of the rest.

  • Obviously, the very first quality that you need to seek in a hairdresser is his/her expertise. A hair stylist, who cuts your hair shorter than your expectation or bodges up hair color is not the right choice! However, there is a little chance to happen this in today’s scenario but still it may happen. So, in order to avoid any mishap and go safe, count on a hair salon you are familiar with, has several branches or one that has marked a reputation in the makeup world. In salons like these, you are sure to find a competent hair stylist as they all are professional and follow strict rules.


  • Another judgmental quality that you must seek in your hair stylists is their ability to listen. If the hair dresser is quite in hurry or pays less attention in listening to their clients, most likely he/she can’t better understand and satisfy their needs too. The hair dresser must have listening ears that can deliver the exact what you expect.


  • Hygiene is definitely the next vital factor. You can never keep the point of hygiene aside when visiting any hair salon. It goes without saying that the salon should be clean and well looked-after. It should be systematic as well. Make sure that the fabric, towel and other basic things used in the hair salon are washed regularly and in good condition.


  • Besides cutting and coloring your hair, washing it out is also a decisive criteria to determine on the quality of your hairdresser. Make sure that the hair dresser confirms you first before applying any products and treatments to your hair. They should not be capricious in doing anything with your hair. A prime part of the hair wash stage is the scalp massage. It is a relaxing experience for you, which also helps in improving the shine and health of your hair. So, do ask for the scalp massage.


My personal advice based on my experience –

So far you would have a clear idea about what you want from your hair stylist and how to choose them. However, if you still feel unsure to make a right decision, I will love to advise you visiting putting your trust on Shobhana Beauty Studio. I have a very happy experience with the hair salon! I am sure you would also have!

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