Some Basic Points That You Must Know About Eyebrow Threading!

If plucking leaves you with ingrown hair and waxing irritates your skin, the ancient technique of threading can be your best choice to shape the eyebrows. Threading is indeed the best option of hair removal from the small areas like eyebrows.

Here is what to know before you book your first eyebrow threading appointment.

Eyebrow Threading!

Threading is safe for sensitive skin –

The tolerance power of everyone to pain significantly differs from one another but people with sensitive skin have to put up with more discomfort than the other ones. Hence, they need to be much picky when it comes to count on a hair removal technique. So, if you have sensitive skin and you hate waxing due to the pain associated with the procedure, you should think for nothing but opting for the eyebrow threading. Unlike waxing, threading neither removes any skin nor contains any chemicals, such as depilatory cream. So, it is 100% safe to skin.

Eyebrow threading is quick –

Getting your eyebrows shaped through threading is quick. It can be done in a single session and the session will not take more than 10 minutes.

Threading is a safe & sanitized process –

When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, no other hair removal technique can compete with threading. Threading only uses one short piece of thread and since the thread comes so cheap, the aesthetician changes it frequently with every client. So, there is nothing to worry about that the salon expert will use the same thread on multiple clients.

No need to stay deprived off wearing the eye makeup after the procedure –

Even if your aesthetician wipes off the eye makeup before starting the procedure, it is not a big deal. You can apply the makeup again just after the procedure. There is no healing time like other hair removal technique. So, you can apply much loved eyeliner and mascara just after the threading session finishes.

Threading allows for easier brow shaping –

Since every hair is pulled out individually through threading, your aesthetician can have much closer access to your hair follicles, making it easier to develop natural arches of your brows. You should feel free to speak up the threading expert if you are looking for a particular shape. Irrespective of which threading salon your go or what type of shape of want, you should always feel comfortable communicating with your brow artist about your needs.

Threading is gentle to skin –

There is no side effect associated with the procedure of eyebrow threading. However, a bit of redness is normal after your threading session is done but there is no severe effects on your skin can be noticed. The redness is minimal which typically fades away within a couple of hours. Threading is gentle on the skin.

Now, you know the basic points related to threading. Go to any reputed hair salon or eyebrow threading salon to get the procedure done by the experts and bring out the best of you!

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