There is something so fun and refreshing about getting a new hairstyle. However, it is also a dreadful move to make. Honestly telling, getting a hair cut is much like a workout session; you dread doing it but when open the end outcome, you feel so amazing about you.  So, why to put a haircut off for so long when you know the end result will reveal the new you, the better you and the refreshing you.

What are the reasons to go for haircut?

  • A hair salon visit may not be on top of your priority list between work, home, sweat session and cocktail parties but treating yourself with regular trim can be a wonderful part of your self-care routine.
  • A right haircut that suits your individuality speaks volume about who you are and how you feel inside.
  • Getting a haircut can be therapeutic also. So, anytime you feel down or distressed, treat yourself with a new haircut; it will work miracles.
  • Anytime you notice, you have got the split ends that hamper the growth of your hair, plan a salon visit. It is the time of a trim.
  • Going for a haircut is much like buying a new outfit as when you put on something new, it makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence; in the same way getting a new haircut also makes you look good and feel good about yourself.
  • When your hair looks dry and drab, when tangles seem to be commonplace or when curls get bulky, give yourself a hair salon treatment.

If the reasons stated above are not enough for you to make an appointment or if you are still unsure when should you go for haircut, scroll down to know the standard timeframe to get the haircut for certain hair styles.


On standard, a person with some certain haircuts should visit the hair salon at some pre-set interval of time. Let’s see what the standard time duration is to visit a salon….

  • The buzz CUT –

Women who have buzzcut need to schedule regular upkeep and should consider visiting a salon after every 3 weeks. While it takes a full month for hair to grow half-an-inch, you will require touch-ups every three weeks.

  • The pixie –

Women who love short cut hair style must be careful enough to maintain their hair size. Hence, it is imperative for them to go for frequent haircuts. If a month visit seems pretty soon to you, you can go for after every 6 weeks to do so.

  • The shoulder-length –

The shoulder-length style hangs on longer than a pixie style. Women who opt for this style, their hair is slightly above the shoulders and by the time, you notice that your hair ends have started touching your shoulders; it is the time of trim. In general, it takes hair 8 months to touch the shoulders again.

  • The long cut –

Women who love long hair style can avoid visiting the salon for 3 months long. However, if your hair has curlier texture or if it is heavily layered or thicker, you should shorten the time to avoid hair getting bulky.

If you still have any doubt, talk to your stylist to devise a suitable plan for you to know when you should go for a haircut.



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