Waxing Is Far Better Hair Removal Method Than Shaving!

Waxing Is Far Better Hair Removal Method Than Shaving!

Unwanted hair on body is quite an irritating thing that we all want to get rid of. Thankfully, there are ways to remove them. While shaving is a good way to get rid of unwanted hair in a painless manner, shaving can be quite a time taking process which you need to do on daily basis. Moreover, it can be irritating to the skin.  So, if you have gone tired of changing the blades after every couple of days and shaving your skin every morning, you need to make a switch from shaving to waxing.


You can have a comfortable experience with waxing. It is a quick, convenient and cost effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. The hair removed through this beauty technique does not grow back in near future. They take a fortnight or month to grow again. It is a long-lasting hair removal method.

The best thing about waxing is that it does not discriminate with any one on the name of gender. The process is fairly good for both the genders – masculine and feminine. Another fine feature of waxing is that it can be done on any parts of the body excluding eyelashes, hairs of the nose, and inside your ears. It can be applied on a majority of body parts like your face, back, arms, under arms, legs, eyebrows, chest, and even the bikini lines.

As a mean of hair removal, waxing enjoys the following benefits…..

  • Long-term Hair Removal option –

Since waxing pulls out the hair from its original source, you can enjoy a longer lasting hair removal solution. So, you need not get irritated with the fuss of shaving again and again. Enjoy a silky soft skin longer with one time waxing.

  • No Cuts or Skin Damage –

The biggest threat to shave your skin is the getting the marks of burns and the possibility of having cuts. There is no fear of such happening with waxing. Skin damage caused by shaving can lead to ugly scars on the body. Waxing eliminates all such fears and leaves you with soft and beautiful skin.

  • Healthy Hair Growth –

The hair grows faster and tougher when you shave your skin. It is an unappealing character which makes your skin rough. However, it is not the case with waxing. With waxing, your hair gets to grow slowly and finely which results in soft and smooth skin in the long run.

  • Quick & Convenient Process –

No one wants to remove the hair regularly and it is a common practice with shaving. Waxing is a fast and hassle free process. With waxing, you get fast hair removal results and in a convenient way.

Everyone wants a fine-looking skin, and if shaving compromises your skin quality, it’s time to shift to waxing. It is an effective hair removal solution for all individuals, especially people with sensitive skins.

it is highly advisable that the products used for waxing are of superior quality as extensive use of cheap or inefficient hair removal products can harm your skin. Here comes the importance of counting on an elite waxing salon.

At Shobhana Beauty Studio, we always opt for superior quality products. Waxing at our studio ranges from arms, legs, back body, front body, chest and any other feasible area of your body.

Waxing has become incredibly popular over the years. It is indeed a good way to root out unwanted body hair and keep your skin look soft and smooth. If you are the one who can digest a little discomfort to look beautiful, waxing is worth considerable for you. Rush now to book your appointment.

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  • Antonymous
    December 7, 2018 - 8:44 AM

    Yes, Thats right, when you grow fine and soft but relatively dark hair, which is slow growing, but you genuinely want shiny smooth skin there instead. Resist the urge to shave more frequently than necessary and tolerate a bit of regrowth, which will be still soft and hardly visible, so there’s no hurry to shave it again as soon at all 🙂
    This way the hair follicle won’t get stimulated near as much frequently as if you shaved more of then than needed, greatly delaying the onset of the hair thickening process and slowing it down significantly anyway.
    The point is that many girls might overestimate the extent of their hairiness, which leads to shaving even before the first hint of regrowth, no matter how soft, which sometimes leads to hair getting thicker much faster and much sooner, if this myth were true.
    Remember, though when at one point, hair starts getting a bit thicker, just shave a bit more often to prevent that.
    It shouldn’t leave bumpy or irritated skin if it’s done with the right moisturizing and hydratation :).
    Your information is good.

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